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WITH YOUR SUPPORT, OUR SINGERS WON’T SHUSH We weren’t on many stages during the COVID-19 pandemic, but we haven’t been quiet either. In spring of 2020 Opera Fusion launched #SongStrong, recording dozens of virtual concerts for Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, ( thereby offering viewers a front-row seat, at home, while theaters and concert venues were closed. The musical performances included classical, American songbook, comedy, art song, opera, ensemble, spirituals, musical theater and anything else our artists wanted to do to express themselves. We are grateful to the Rosemary Duffy Larson Foundation, which helped fund this effort. While we also held outdoor and socially distanced concerts once restrictions eased, we look forward to being back on more stages very soon.

MUSIC CAN HEAL The arts can mirror and reflect social justice issues, and bring divergent communities together by sharing stories of lived experiences and inspiring thoughtful dialog. Our artists not only entertain, but can give voice to the marginalized and inspire action and change.

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